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Download the story app

Download the story app

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Add a personal touch

Add a personal touch

Type in who the adventure is for, then add your picture to star in the story

Send it as a digital gift

Send it as a digital gift

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Treat them to a postcard

Treat them to a postcard

Include a VIP postcard, with you in character, sent direct to their door

Be part of their digital lives

Children today spend more time on digital devices than watching television (Ofcom 2016)

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"Great stories - expertly told"

Angela, Mum of Daniel (5) and Amy (8)

Beautifully animated stories designed for touch screens

Beautifully animated stories designed for touch screens

Each adventure has been specially commissioned to encourage interest in the Sciences, History, Nature, Literature and the Arts

Incorporating interactive games, puzzles and activities

Incorporating interactive games, puzzles and activities

Developed by an award-winning digital team that have previously worked on projects for the BBC, ITV, Disney and Nickelodeon

Specifically created for children aged 5 to 9 years

Specifically created for children aged 5 to 9 years

Play-tested in primary schools and designed to complement the school curriculum. Aligned to KeyStage 1 & 2 topics

Spark their curiosity and inspire their creativity

Spark their curiosity and inspire their creativity

Using our in-app 'digital toolkits', children can make their own pictures and send them back to you, as a 'Thank You'


“Good for Gingersnap.
Grandchildren have brought a
new and precious dimension to my life.

Anything that helps bring grandparents and
grandchildren together is worth celebrating.

Michael Palin, July 2015

Picture courtesy of John Swannell

Made in association with

Each story is written and created with one of the UK’s leading cultural organistaions

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Why we created Gingersnap

To help families keep in closer touch using digital technologies

Gingersnap was set up a couple of years ago by a bunch of geeky dads who have worked in digital media since the days of the dial up internet.


Like many families, we saw our own children increasingly gravitating to tablets and smartphones, for homework, entertainment and chatting with their friends…


…whilst our own family and relatives weren’t really being accommodated with the new technology that was on offer.

So we embarked on a Research & Development project to work out how families can stay better connected through digital media, by allowing them to do what families have always done – share stories!


In 2015, with the support of a number of social impact and innovation grants from the likes of Nominet Trust, Wellcome Foundation and Innovate UK, we were able to build and test a prototype with 500 families, across 4 continents. After 6 months production and 3 months evaluation, the message came back loud and clear…

The ‘grown-ups’ wanted to share their passions and pass on knowledge. And the children, despite what often gets said, had an insatiable appetite for learning more – Particularly when we are able to tap into their curiosity and creativity. And they all loved the personal touch of seeing a familiar hero on screen.


So 2016 is all about making more magical connections. We now have a fabulously talented team (of men and women) writing code, creating awe-inspiring animations and devising games for the next wave of stories. We hope you’ll like what’s in store.

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