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Gingersnap story apps have been developed to help families stay in closer touch wherever they happen to live. Each app can be personalised by a grown-up relative (a parent, grandparent, godparent, uncle or aunt), so that the adult actually features in the story, and can then gifted to a child with an iPad, anywhere in the world via email or a real physical postcard.


The process is easy to follow and it costs nothing to give it a try. We just ask for a small in-app payment to send the finished story on. (The price covers our own production costs, the physical post card and Apple’s standard 30% for hosting and managing the in-app payment.


Each story covers a different topic that hopefully taps into the interests and passions of the older generation, and we convert these into fun, engaging interactive adventures that we hope the spark curiosity and excitement with the children that receive them.


Our stories are currently available for iPad, but children who don’t have access to an iPad device don’t have wait to see the non-interactive version as we can send them a video link of the adventures with personalised narration, but with the games and relative’s face omitted.


We hope you will give the story apps a go and tell us what you think at


Currently available:

Henry VIII – Chaos in the Kitchens


Coming Soon:

Mary Anning – The girl who discovered prehistoric Sea Monsters

Shakespeare and Saddlebags

John Snow – Medical detective





Michael Palin

Michael Palin

"Good for Gingersnap. Grandchildren have brought a new and precious dimension to my life. Anything that helps bring grandparents and grandchildren together is worth celebrating".


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