Where can I get the latest App?
 We currently have one story app in pre-release in the Apple App store. It is called ‘Henry VIII – Chaos in the kitchen’ and it is set at Hampton Court Palace where the King has requested one of his lavish banquets and all manner of problems ensue. You can download it for free on iPad now here.

Do I need an iPad?
Yes, currently our story apps are just available for iPad. We are already working on our iPhone version and if there is sufficient demand we will also create a version for Android tablets and phones such as Samsung, Kindle Fire and HTC devices.

Are the Apps free?
The current app is free to download and trial anywhere in the world. You can experiment with making as many versions of the story as you like and you are only required to pay if you wish to save the story or send it on to a family member via email or a postcard.

Why does it say there is an in-app purchase?
Once you decide you are happy with the story and wish to send it on, we request a small in-app payment using your Apple iTunes account. This is set to be comparable with a one-off magazine purchase and covers the cost of production, distribution and Apple’s fees for using their payment engine. it also covers the cost of printing and sending the physical postcard if you select that option.

Are the postcards real physical objects?
Yes. We use the photo that you take during the story ‘creation’ process and super-impose that on the front of the personalised postcard that gets dispatched by our print partners. We deliver anywhere in the world but we do use standard postal services so cannot guarantee how quickly the card will be delivered. If there are any problems with the delivery we also keep a digital back-up that you can send by email.

Does the person receiving the story need an iPad too?
Ideally yes. The personalised stories have been designed to be watched and played on touch screen tablets, and we have prioritised iPad for our pre-release version. If you send the story to someone without an iPad, you can either wait until you are together so you can watch it on your own device, or they can watch a non-interactive version of your story, without the games, where your picture is substituted by a generic cartoon face.

What version of Apple's IOS do I need to be on?
 The app works on IOS 8 and above. In some cases older iPads struggle to update. If that’s the case you will not be able to download the app. If you need help identifying what version you are on please contact

What do I do if I experience problems downloading the app?
 The app has been tested on lots of different devices over the last few months, and Apple have given the thumbs up through their own internal review process, but it is possible there could be the odd gremlin in the system or that your device is having software or hardware problems. If that happens please get in touch with our support team and we will do our best to troubleshoot the problem for you. If you email us, it helps to include a short description of the problem along with your device serial number and the IOS Version number you are on. The email to use is



Where can I find my code?

If you have been sent a story by a relative or family friend you will need the unique code for that story to retrieve it. This is a 9 letter pin and will be displayed on the email or postcard that you received when you were told that the story had been ‘gifted’ to you. If the sender decided not to use email or a postcard, they can still pass on the code verbally or in a text message. To resend the code, you will need to ask them to return to the Saved Stories section of the App, using the device they used originally, and tap the resend button for the appropriate story.  If you encounter problems, please contact us at

What should I do if the story doesn't play properly?
The stories have been tested on lots of different devices over the last few months, and Apple have given the thumbs up through their own internal review process, but it is possible there could be the odd gremlin in the system or that your device is encountering software or hardware problems. The most common reason apps crash or appear not to be working is because the device is short on memory. If you hit a snag that doesn’t seem to solve itself we always recommend closing the app completely (along with any other apps that may be open in the background) and then re-opening it. If that doesn’t work, the next thing to do is check how much memory is left on the device and possibly remove some photos or old apps. If the problem persists please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Is it possible to replay the story and games?
Yes. At the moment you need to go back to Saved Stories to replay the full story and the integrated games. You cannot jump to a particular game yet, but we will be adding this as a feature if there is sufficient demand.

How can I access the digital pictures created at the story?
 The pictures you make using the ‘digital stickerbook’ are all saved onto the device camera roll and can be accessed using the main Photo app that is pre-installed on your iPad. (It usually depicted by an App Icon that looks like a multicoloured 8 petal flower. Tap the icon to open the photo gallery and you should find all your saved pictures there.

How do I send the picture as a digital thank-you ?
 When you find the picture you want to send (see previous help panel),tap on it so you can see it full frame, and then use the ‘Share’ symbol (a blue box with a vertical arrow putting up from it), to see what sending options you have available on your device. If you have email set up already, then tap the mail icon and follow the on-screen prompts. Alternatively you can share via any other social networks you have set up on the device. These are Apple features and not controlled by Gingersnap so it is important that you get the device owner’s permission before sending and children should always make sure their parents agree first.


If you cannot find the answer to your problems above, please contact us at


If you wish to send us feedback instead, we are always grateful for suggestions and these can be emailed to us directly at